Private Company

To incorporate a private company minimum of two members is required, and the maximum limit of members is 200 as per the 2013 Act. If any private limited company faces financial risk, its shareholders are not subject to selling their personal assets, i.e., they ought to have limited liability. A private limited company has continuous existence. A private limited company holds on existing even in the case of death or bankruptcy of its members.

For online company registration, there must be a least two directors, while a maximum of 15 directors can be appointed in a company. The proposed director must be of 18 years of age. A foreign national can also become the director of any private limited Company in India. There is no minimum paid-up capital required for private limited company registration. Every private limited company must use “Pvt.Ltd.” after their name.

The private limited company does not have any relationship with the public; they aren’t allowed to ask for any collateral from any public or public sectors. In a private limited company, individuals are not liable to transfer shares, which protects takeovers of private limited companies from big enterprises.

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